Assam Gov Receive Mails From More than 2,000 Persons Stranded Overseas


The Assam government till Saturday has received more than 2,000 appeals from Indian nationals stranded overseas.

Chief Secretary of the State, Kumar Sanjay Krishna in tweet informed that the state government has received more than 2,000 emails from the Indian Nationals stranded overseas. These have been shared with the MEA. “However, as per GoI SOP, all such people ARE TO register with their respective missions or embassies for their return journey. It’s a PREREQUISITE to begin the process”, he added.

The government of Assam is taking several initiatives to bring back stranded people outside the state.

Air India since May 7th has been operating 64 flights to bring back around 15,000 Indian nationals stranded abroad amid the COVID-19-induced lockdown.

Private airlines may also join the repatriation effort after May 13th, 2020.

The passengers availing the repatriation flights will be charged.

A passenger on a London-Delhi flight will be charged Rs 50,000, while one has to shell out Rs 12,000 on a Dhaka-Delhi flight.

Suri informed that all the passengers will be screened and put under quarantine for a period of 14-day on arrival from abroad.

These 64 flights would be conducted by Air India and its subsidiary Air India Express.

Indians will be brought back from 12 countries – the UAE, the UK, the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

All commercial passenger flights have been suspended as India went into lockdown since March 25th, 2020 to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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