Assam Police To Start Random Checking Of All Kinds Of Vehicle During Second Phase Of Lockdown


From April 20th, 2020, the Assam Police will Random checking of vehicles to ensure that no unauthorized person travels taking advantage of exempted categories.

A source said that the Assam Police have been instructed to strictly enforce of the “National Directives”.

The source further added that there will be random checking of vehicles to ascertain that no unauthorized person travels taking advantage of exempted categories. The police will check all vehicles meant for essential commodities, services and ambulances. There will be no allowance to carry unauthorized passengers in any permitted vehicle till the lockdown is over.

Measures to facilitate the movement of “only authorized” categories will also be taken and workers for grocery shops, petrol depots or other such establishments must carry an identity card or an authorization letter from their owners, managers or handlers.

Apart from this, any hindrance caused to the officials or employees related to health services will be viewed very “seriously” and departmental action might be taken.

The police have also been asked to extend “humanitarian assistance” to the public in need and distress by networking with NGOs and civil society members should carry on.

Further. there will be a special watch over any development leading to socio-economic and communal tension of any kind. Such developments will be immediately addressed and a strict vigil will be kept on rumour and hate-mongering and any kind of religious and social gathering.

Photo Credit: Guwahati Traffic Police

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