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Bappe Soyam, Founder of LLC Raises the Bar in the Field of Programming and Developing

This is a short and sweet story of Bappe Soyam, who is a young and inspiring blogger, engineer, and writer.

Name: Bappe Soyam

Full Name: Ayub Raihan Siddique

Age: 21 Y

School: Balidunga LBS Secondary School

College: Jnandeep Jr. College (2015-17)

University Moirabari College / Guwahati University (2017-Present)

Educational Qualification:  Graduation (Present)

Religion: Islam

Nationality: Indian

Current Location:  Marigaon, Assam, India

Profession: Assam based blogger and Founder of and Bappe Web Solution Enterprise

Site: Or More

Bappe Soyam

About Bappe Soyam:

Bappe Soyam is a popular name in the world of blogging. His blogs on programming, PHP, Ajax, and other web design projects have picked up a great deal for the other software learners. The blogs are mainly targeted for the technical audience and very prominent among those who are into programming and developing.

Bappe Soyam
Bappe Soyam

Bappe Soyam is currently generating an income in the slab of Estimated Rs- 80000 to Rs- 120000 PM or could be more that includes all channels on the web. Some of the popular channels of Bappe’s work are; Direct Ads, Affiliates, and Adsense.

In one of the recent interviews, someone asked Bappe Soyam to tell something about himself and he answered in the most simplified manner, justifying his career; “I Love the Web”.  Bappe Soyam has come a long way in a very short time. Today, he is an entrepreneur as well as a blogger. It was just in the year 2017 when he started blogging.

One of the amazing facts that he truly believes is that every website has a story behind to make it successful. According to Srinivas, we must make people fall in love with our ideas. If you make things too complicated, people will give you a complicated response. Making it simple and appealing for the audience can bring success sooner than you expect.

Bappe Soyam
Bappe Soyam


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