COVID-19: Union Health Ministry to conduct 800 tests per month at the district level


TEZPUR DESK: The Union Health Ministry has decided to conduct COVID-19 tests at the district level.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, on May 11, stated that the states have been asked to escalate surveillance and conduct about 200 tests a week and 800 tests per month.

Reportedly, the tests are to be conducted on asymptomatic people of all categories.

ICMR and NCDC along with health ministries of states and other stakeholders are initiating a population-based serosurvey in selected districts, representative of the case surveys across the country.

Serosurvey, or Serological survey, involves conducting blood tests of people previously not diagnosed with coronavirus. The survey would confirm whether they were actually ever infected with the virus and remained asymptomatic or were never actually infected. The survey would allow the health ministry to identify if certain communities were actually infected with COVID-19 without being aware of it.

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