Women death during NRC hearing at Barpeta

Women death during NRC hearing Photo By Bappe Soyam

After the tragic death of an elderly Women death during NRC hearing hearing on June 10, 2019, sensation spread in Nikhanar of Barpeta district of Assam.

According to reports, 55-year-old Azhar Nisa started his journey with his family at around 7 am from his residence. He was on the road to Barpeta for NRC hearing when he suddenly felt a fatal blow. Although he was immediately taken to Barpeta Medical College and Hospital, but the doctor declared him ‘brought dead’. ( Women death during NRC hearing )

“This was the second time when he was called for the NRC hearing. Concerned with this process, the woman was not well and was suffering from anxiety and mental stress. The NRC process is harassment of people, “said one family member.


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